The United States opposes the Israeli plan for Gaza: “No to the permanent transfer of Palestinians outside the Strip”

Even the White House says “no” to a new Nakba in Gaza, the catastrophe represented by the displacement of Palestinians from their lands from 1948 onwards. A few days ago, the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence published a document in which it laid out Tel Aviv’s plan for the Strip in black and white. Among the various points appears […]

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There is, too White House Say “no” to a new one The Nakba to GazaThe catastrophe it representsPalestinian displacement of their lands from 1948 onwards. A few days ago, the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence published a document in it Tel Aviv’s plan for the sector. Among the various points that stand out Mass transfer Of the population in EgyptThis is a hypothesis that sparked international controversy and was also rejected by the main ally of the “Jewish State.” United State. This was explained by a spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby: “The United States does not support this Permanent dislocation Residents of Gaza outside the Strip.

The question Kirby had to answer during a briefing on the shipAir Force One It was born from the controversy that arose from the publication of the Israeli government document. In the file, dated October 13, various options for the future of the sector were postulated “Eliminate” Hamas Out of pocket. These included the possibility of assigning this to the local governmentPalestinian National AuthorityWho was defeated in the last elections dating back to 2006. In addition to this, it is necessary to define a Local Arab leader And finally, the most controversial part, which concerns the transfer of residents, which initially led to the creation of some of them Tent city In the north Sinai And then transform them into real cities.

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After the document was published, protests erupted from Palestinians and others. President’s spokesman Abu Mazen He said: “We are against transfer to any place and in any form, and we consider it a… Red line Which we will not allow to be exceeded. We will not allow what happened in 1948 to happen again.” And even the Prime Minister’s Office Benjamin Netanyahu He explained that it was only one “conceptual” documentBut it’s also clear who Washington They felt the need to clarify their position.


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