Right-wing boom and Macron crisis: Former President Hollande resurfaces amid political chaos in France.  He will run for representative

He left the Elysee with his head almost bowed, dragging his Socialist Party into disappearance from the political scene. However, 2017, from here, now looks like the last century: former President of the French Republic François Hollande will once again run with the Socialists in the New Popular Front alliance. It will be his name that will be indicated […]

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LeaveElisha He almost lowered his head, dragging his Socialist Party into a state of disappearance from the political scene. But 2017, from here, now seems like the last century: the former president of the French Republic François Hollande He will run again with the Socialists in coalition New Popular Front. It will be his name that will be indicated in the electoral fiefdom Correz, in the center of the country. Hollande was an MP from 1997 to 2012 before being elected Chief of state. He announced a few days ago that dissolving the association was a decision taken “at the worst times and in the worst circumstances,” and said he was “very concerned” about the results of the European elections and developments in France. The former president said, in a series of interviews, that he agreed with the United Left agreement and called, in the second round, for supporting the best candidates to “avoid the extreme right,” even if they were. “Republicans” or the presidential “majority.” Emmanuel Macron.

The Hollande phenomenon – that is, his redemption after leaving the scene without being re-elected – has been going on for months. If Macron, according to his latest opinion poll Ilabi barometerHollande is trusted by 24% of the French, while Hollande is trusted by 29%. Of course, behind other political figures: in the foreground for example there Edward Philip (42 percent) A former prime minister under Macron, leading Jordan Bardella And Marine Le Pen (Leader of truth to gather National). The socialist leader is growing Raphael Glucksmann (30%, +8) ahead of Hollande.

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For a few months, the former president appears to be able to lead a new political life, as evidenced by some indications of his book's presentations about a Europe crowded with young people. Just 7 years ago he didn't even try to run for president again. So he let her slaughter Benoit Hamonthe socialist candidate who did not exceed 6.4 percent. Almost all the socialist votes pushed Macron towards the Elysee. Now the opposite path is happening: political analysts explain that the bulk of the “socialist” votes won by the current President of the Republic are returning “home.” It is not yet clear whether the two electoral groups will meet again in an “emergency” moment for a possible presidential runoff.


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