United States: Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated video games of recent times GTA Online. Its arrival on third-generation consoles has generated a lot of hype, and after nearly 10 years it will be back PlayStation 5 s Xbox X/S. Of course, rock games, developer of the title, promised some improvements that we will tell you about in detail.

In the first place, there are improvements in technical matters and everything seems to indicate that the premise of acquiring this additional feature will be directed to vehicles. For this reason, it was indicated in various media that the “tuning” of cars would be a completely exclusive option for new generation consoles. Undeniably, this has led to a frenzy on the social media and gaming community.

Therefore, it is worth noting that the official Rockstar Games account has tweeted confirmation of the exclusive content for the new generations. The developer indicated that some vehicles may have improvements in speed and other aspects. This can be done thanks to the department GTA V Online It is still valid in the video game and, above all, in the events and role-playing growth.

Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that these improvements can only be offered on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. On the other hand, it is important to clarify that PS3 and Xbox 360 users will see their dreams waning, as it was announced that the servers of the title will be closed in December 2021. Because of this, it has unleashed controversy for a long time by not being able to get this game on consoles. old control.

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The truth is that rock games It has a great deal of improvements and new features in the dispatch box. This will be for both the main story and the multiplayer option in GTA Online. Finally, GTA V will arrive with great fanfare on November 11, 2021 on the new consoles, and of course, the developer has provided some surprises for players


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