On September 15, it was put into orbit Inspiration 4, the first space mission aboard a commercial cruise ship of X . space.

After the successful take-off of the crewAnd .’s official account Inspiration 4 Share the first details about the trip.

Among the news that caught the attention of netizens the most was the food that was available to the crew during their first night away from Earth.

In total, the space menu consists of 2 drink options, 4 snacks, 8 dishes, and 11 snacks.

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Varied dishes included lamb and meatballs with macaroni, edamame, salami, pasta bolognese, bacon with cheese, omelettes, steak and turkey. While the drinks were coffee and tea.

Additionally, the crew had the option to choose between a sandwich, pizza roll, or a vegetarian platter.

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For dessert, the ship included a variety of snacks such as chocolate, soft candy, olives, granola bars, peanut butter, apricots, and rice crackers.

“I’m sorry it was cold. On the next flight there will be an oven to heat food and free Wi-Fi.” Elon Musk in a tweet.


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