Metaverse : La Commande Permettra Aux Utilisateurs De Toucher Des Objets

To try to make the metaverse as close as possible to the real thing, there are specialists developing items that will deal with this possibility. This time the novelty came from a group of researchers, who developed a command that would allow users to touch objects.

The device is called SpinOcchio.

Although not everyone believes it, the metaverse can revolutionize the way people behave. That’s why, because it’s such an important part of your life, there are professionals who are dedicated to developing resources that make it believable in the real world.

An example is the new SpinOcchio command. This was developed by researchers in the MAK Interact Laboratory of the Korea Institute of Advanced Science and Technology and uses rotation technology to recreate touch in the metaverse environment.

The Metaverse command is able to repeat the thickness of the objects, as well as how they are placed between the users’ fingers. Plus, according to Gizmodo, SpinOcchio can recreate ceramics, for example. These sensations are obtained thanks to the rotating discs that reproduce the sensation of sliding on the skin.

Which recreates a real touch in the metaverse

To develop the control, the researchers first set a tactile discrimination threshold for skin slip. Then, with the results obtained, they tested how “tactile realism of movement and fish with altered visual cues is perceived in virtual reality.”

The results showed the research team that, in all cases, visual cues dominate over tactile perception. Therefore, they recommended using the command with applications that enhance interaction, as it “contributes more to real-world experiences”.

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The Metaverse command is expected to be launched at the Human-Computer Interaction conference, which will be held later this month in New Orleans.

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