His puppy is in danger of drowning: Dog daddy is desperate

The father cannot reach him and is desperate: his little dog falls from the cliff and is in danger of drowning at any moment.

Little dog rescue (Image source: @Twitter Ajanimo) – Velvetpets.it

A.’s father Puppy dog She couldn’t stop despairing after watching her newborn baby fall from the rocks. The four-legged family was walking near the beach, when – just as they reached the cliff – the parents lost control of the little one. After the fall, the little dog remained irreparably stuck in an inlet between rocks and was in danger of drowning due to the high tide.

The dog dad asks for help for his puppy: The little one is in danger of drowning and he is desperate

When the local authorities received the report from some tourists who were at the coastal resort, they did everything in their power to deal with the horrific incident. The tourists heard the puppy’s father whimpering in their direction and asked to be sent to the scene Rescue unit A specialist can intervene immediately to save the little dog’s life.

Rescue Rocks Reunited Puppy
Puppy Reunion (Photo Credit: @Twitter Ajanimo) – Velvetpets.it

The incident happened in a city Erdemli, in Türkiye. For this reason, in addition to the fire brigade, local police units from the nearby city of Mersin were also contacted. Meanwhile, the water continued to rise rapidly in the abyss and there was only a little time left. Fiamme Rosse’s team had to resort to using a special bulldozer and a volunteer to make their way through the gorge entrance.

a group of TouristsA family who was vacationing in the surrounding areas announced that they did not easily understand the reason for the problem that the dog’s spirit was suffering from, until they tried to decipher its movements towards the abyss. Only then will they finally notice the little dog stuck between the rocks.

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the operation The water rescue operation conducted by the local fire brigade was successful. The moment of the emotional encounter with the puppy dog, which fell into the water and became dangerously stuck between the rocks, could not help but arouse the interest of users on Twitter.

Dogs and cats and their relationship with water

Similar to what happens to cats, or our other four-legged friends, that is Dogs can develop a phobia of water. However, with targeted advice from experts – depending on the specific case – and good intentions, we can intervene quickly to try to help them overcome their problem. He is afraid.

Operation sea mother of the pup
The puppy with his dog mother (Image source: @Twitter Ajanimo) – Velvetpets.it

If she could, she would have saved him. This is the opinion of the majority of network users who understood Impossibility This puppy’s father intervened in danger. Another very recent episode A dog was thrown into a flooded street To save her babies who had just been submerged in the flood.

The puppy rescue clip was posted on a page @ajanimobitmag Appears – for the first time – on Twitter on October 12, 2020.


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