lebron james et anthony davis Game 2 contre Miami Heat NBA

While the Lakers lose the first game of the series against the Suns, they intend to see a different result at the next meeting. But for this former player, Phoenix is ​​a very good player Dangerous.

In difficulty during this regular season, largely due to injuries, the Lakers have not reassured in recent weeks, even with the superstars. André Drummond’s arrival isn’t as helpful as it sounds, and many people wonder if it’s the gang or not LeBron James We can hope to double. Suppose the first match against the Suns wasn’t really reassuring.

Because during the first game, it was Phoenix who took the best with the great Devin Booker. LeBron would logically want to change the game, he who gave up Somewhat coded message for Game 2. The Suns will have to warn, but can this team?

Second at the Western Conference, Chris Ball classmates are logically confident. Their regular season is successful, and they intend to continue with the qualifiers. For a previous league, Matt Barnes, it would thus be necessary to be very careful with the Suns, who are currently playing fearlessly.

As for the former Clipper, while waiting for the king to return to shape, Davis will have to wake up.

In this match, Anthony Davis had only 13 shots, and he was slightly shaken. LeBron will have to get back to his best, and it’s going to be a great streak because I don’t think he’s close to any of that. AD will have to do the job while waiting for LeBron to regain his level.

But even with Davis’ bout, could he surprise Team Sun? Everything is possible in the NBA, especially since the sun is not afraid. For Barnes, there is all the danger:

These young teams are dangerous because they do not know that they are supposed to be afraid of the Lakers. They are not afraid, they do their job on the ground, and that means standing up for their home advantage.

Can Anthony Davis Lead the Lakers to Victory? Yes, but beware of the Suns, who are definitely a trap team for the first round of qualifiers. They aren’t second in the West for nothing, and Chris Paul and Devin Booker intend to remind them.

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