China records a new record of 40 injuries.  Protests against President Xi

(Tipper Exchange) – China has achieved a new record number of Covid-19 infections But three years of discontent with the epidemic has led to violent protests against Xi Jinping’s government Zero tolerance policy They were tried to defeat the virus. This is because most infections are asymptomatic, but restrictive measures continue to have devastating effects on the economy.

the number of the new Coronavirus infections, according to data from the National Health Commission, have reached a new record 40,347 but the largest part (36,525 equals 90.5% of the total) It is asymptomatic. The majority of cases were transmitted locally, within the country’s borders, mainly in cities Guangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing.

Approximately 342,000 people Although they remain in isolation Asymptomatic carriers of the virus. there Zero tolerance policy of the Chinese government proves to be a throwback to the Chinese leadership, as evidenced by Thousands of people took to the streets To demonstrate in various cities of the country, demanding democratic change and President Xi Jinping’s resignation. A dangerous precedent recalls the Tiananmen Square clashes.

White sheets in hand in protest of the lockdownCrowds rose to Shanghai and Beijingbut also in cities Nanjing, Qingdao, Chengdu, and Wuhanthe place from which the epidemic began in January 2000. The population is visibly exhausted after three years of pandemic, restrictions, mass testing, and restrictions on rights and personal sphere, raising serious questions about Xi’s choices that recently, on the occasion of his re-election for a third term, he has reiterated his desire In continuing the intransigent policy towards the virus.

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The increasingly determined protests against the Chinese Communist Party regime It also scares the financial marketswith sharp dips in Chinese squares: Shanghai loses 0.75%, Shenzhen 0.69%, Hong Kong 1.31% and Taiwan 1.5%.


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