Stroke live on TV, a journalist saved by his colleagues

Live stroke. Julie Chen, an Oklahoma TV reporter, suffered a stroke while presenting a transcript. Suddenly the anchor found it difficult to pronounce words, he felt trouble in his eye and arm. She repeatedly apologized to viewers and, with difficulty, gave the line to the meteorologist. Her colleagues in the studio and in the editorial office immediately understood what was happening and called 911: the journalist was taken to the hospital and immediately underwent a series of tests.

“Doctors think he had a stroke. Some of you watched it live, I’m sorry it happened. The episode happened all of a sudden, and it just happened out of nowhere. I felt great before the broadcast. Then, during tg it all started. First, I partially lost sight in one eye. Then I fell asleep.” My hands and arms. I realized I was in big trouble when I couldn’t utter the words that were written on the teleprompter in front of me anymore,” Chen’s Facebook story. Thanks to the colleagues who immediately understood the seriousness of the situation: “I have always said that I work with the best team, and that is another reason” to believe so. “I am happy to tell you that the tests went well: Doctors think it was the beginning of a stroke and not a full-blown stroke. There are still many questions and many tests to be done, but basically I have to be in good shape.”

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