Telecom disruption: Telecom disruptions in mobile communications still cause problems

There is currently a problem with Telecom’s mobile communications. There are problems with the phone, SMS and mobile box. Failures also occur in the gangster.

Is the telecom company currently in disarray again? Many who want to use mobile communications today are asking themselves. This is not a phone, it is a connection. Because in telecom on Tuesday, a disruption leads to technical issues.

Currently disrupted in telecom: Mobile contacts, SMS, phone and mobile box are affected

Telecom pointed out the disruption on Tuesday: “Currently, there are isolated vulnerabilities in incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls via LTE (voice-over-LTE), as well as via SMS and mobile voicemail,” the company wrote on Twitter. GSM telephone via 2G will not be affected.

Below the tweet are several comments from users reporting a malfunction in Telecom’s mobile network. So far the problem has not been solved. However, Telecom now has tips to avoid the problem. After waiting about 20 seconds, the call system works with the iOS operating system. Telecom released for Android An instruction.

Mobile phone malfunction is also currently occurring at telecom subsidiary Congstar

There seems to be a problem with the gangster as well. Error reports also accumulate here. Kongstar is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom, and also caused problems on Tuesday. (THE)

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