It’s been in the tubes for a few months, now for sure: Renault Talisman will disappear from the catalog. The car was produced at Douai (59), and will leave the chains next week on certain versions.

The last units were launched into production in February 2022

According to an internal memo published on the Worldscoop forum, a production shutdown of the Talisman and Talisman Estate is imminent. The document claims that The two prototypes were planned to be closed on a schedule by the engines. Thus, the Talisman equipped with a gasoline engine linked to a manual gearbox will be the first that is no longer available. It has already been removed from the initializer, and this variant is disappearing from channels from week 50 (December 13-19, 2021).

TCe petrol engines with automatic transmission will have a slightly longer lead time, as they will be put into production until the first week of February 2022. The Blue dCi 160 and 190 hp versions equipped with an EDC automatic transmission will be the latest examples produced. It will be launched in production from February 21 to 27, 2022.

mixed profession

Renault Talisman was introduced at the end of 2015, barely reaching 7 years of her career. If it was off to a good start when it launched, the soufflé has fallen off quickly and sales numbers are now anecdotal. Despite a few modifications in 2020 and several attributes including all-wheel steering that make it extremely flexible, the Renault sedan has not met the expected success. Between January and October 2021, 5,160 copies were sold in Europe.

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The Renault Talisman and its real estate version of the Talisman will not be replaced. They will make way for the new electric Mégane E-Tech and other electric vehicles in the Douai series. Scenic and Espace will soon face the same fate.

Photo: Renault.

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