1. FC Köln Vs.  TSG Hoffenheim: This is how you watch the Bundesliga game on TV and stream now
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In the Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln lost to TSG Hoffenheim on match 25. Thus the guests are integrating their European Cup ambitions.

Updated March 7, 2022, at 7:24 pm: TSG Hoffenheim 1. FC celebrated a deserved 1-0 win over Köln and are on track for the Champions League. With three points, the team coached by Sebastian Hones is currently fourth in the Bundesliga table.

First Report: Cologne – TSG Hoffenheim wants to take the next step towards international business on May 25. For this 1. FC must win in Köln, Chrysler will be right when they qualify for the Champions League next season. The Billy Goats on Coach Sebastian Hoeneß’s team will not make it easy, 1. FC Köln is one of TSG Hoffenheim’s favorite opponents.

Coach Stephen Palmcord and his team will not look back in the first leg because it was 1. FC Coln’s biggest defeat of the season. In a very one-sided game, TSG were 5-0 for Hoffenheim, which gave the guests no chance at all. The Rhinelanders now want revenge for this defeat against Chrysler, and want to get even closer to European Cup places with the win.

1. FC Köln Vs. TSG Hoffenheim: Revenge for the first leg?

“We don’t think about the first leg anymore. It can happen quickly against such teams, and then you can get four or five goals. Nevertheless, I’m sure we have the quality to win our game,” FC coach Palmcord said, but he did not want to know anything about compensation. .

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Since Timo Hubers is not the cause of the disease, Palmcord will have to modify its central defense. “Jeff Sabot will definitely start. Pride is a man for the future,” the FC coach told a news conference before the game. So it is clear that Sopot is replacing Hubers and running alongside Gillian in the Central Defense.

1. FC Köln has great respect for TSG Hoffenheim, as Baumgart has confirmed: “Hoffenheim is a team that has to play for the Champions League every year. They have absolute consistency and are one of the best teams in the league.” However, points are FC’s goal. “We have to have a sporting idea against Hoffenheim. You have quality in all positions. It can be a scenario. I have confidence in my team for a good result,” Pamcord continued.

1. The Bundesliga match between FC Köln and TSG Hoffenheim takes place on Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 5.30pm at the Rhine-Energy Stadium in Cologne. We’ll show you where and how to watch the game live on TV and live stream.

1. FC Köln Vs. TSG Hoffenheim: Is Bundesliga live on free TV?

  • Bundesliga game in between 1. FC Cologne and TSG Hoffenheim Would be unfortunate Did not live I Free-TV Exchange.
  • TV rights Bundesliga Currently shared by a streaming TV broadcaster called Sky, a streaming provider DAZN And TV station c.1.

1. FC Köln Vs. TSG Hoffenheim: Bundesliga live stream from DAZN

  • Streaming provider DAZN In between will be the Bundesliga match 1. FC Köln and TSG Hoffenheim in the live stream Exchange.
  • The broadcast of the game begins Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 5 p.m. With the initial reports, um 5.30pm Whistle noise.
  • You need a subscription to view DAZN.
  • Here you can subscribe to DAZN (Ad link).
  • DAZN-App: For Apple devices ITunes Store As well as for Android users Google Play Store.
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