The end of the school holidays means a lot of travel, especially for families. (© Description / Adopestag)

Applause for the end School holidays. After a 15-day break for all students, all areas were reunited Prison, The Back to school Attitude.

If this happens to all students on Monday, April 26, 2021, middle and high school students should practice home classes for a week before returning to school benches. May 3, This Thursday, April 22, according to the administrator’s signs.

So this weekend marks this moment, for all the kids who went to spend the holidays with their grandparents or cousins Go home. France is still under the thumb Control measures, Maintained with a curfew order at 7pm and daytime travel restrictions until May 3, not all allowed In shifts. Point.

Take your baby with you, it’s possible

From April 3, Travel is limited (And boxes) to control the spread of Govit-19. But when it comes down to it Child care, Exemptions are possible if considered an imperial factor – on the condition that its certificate of displacement be properly issued.

Thus, if your child or teenager spends the holidays with his grandparents or relatives More than 10 kilometers from your home, You can go and collect it by giving you a travel certificate, the box of which must select “Compulsory family cause, assistance to victims, child care, disability”. No proof is required if you want to be checked by the police.

Same thing During the curfew order after 7 p.m. : You must have this certificate if you want to travel for the following reasons: business travel; Medical reasons, pressing family reasons, helping vulnerable or insecure individuals or child care.

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List of compelling reasons to travel from 6am to 7pm.

Traveling outside the field where he resides is possible for the following reasons:
– The purpose of the public interest at the expense of professional activity, education and training, or at the request of the executive;
– Travel for health reasons (consultations and maintenance);
Travel for compelling family reasons, assistance for vulnerable or vulnerable persons or child care;
– Travel for people with disabilities and their peers;
– Trips to respond to judicial or administrative summons, – Trips to a legal professional, for an action or practice that cannot be carried out remotely;
– Move-related travel, which is essential for acquiring or renting a major residence and resulting in a change of travel, cannot be postponed.

Tolerance this weekend

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to relax. Except for some reason, it doesn’t The regulatory limit is 10 km..

“You cannot leave your department to make essential purchases, withdraw orders, or avail services, and go to an open cultural institution or place of worship,” the government pointed out.

A Some “tolerance” However, Interior Minister Gerald Durman agreed at a press conference on Thursday 22 April 2021 that this will be observed this weekend. But on the condition that it really is Holiday income April 26, he said, “bringing children back to class” and “taking them back to school from Monday.”

So the controls are well maintained. As a reminder, if you do not comply with these instructions, you can 135 of Get a fine. If re-offended, 7 3,750.

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