MaxiScam with a Stunning Investment Promise: 10-Year Application for a Financial Advisor

LECCE – Allegedly deceived dozens of customers (36 who have filed a civil lawsuit) by promising interest ranging from 48 to 120 percent on amounts invested in online advertising banners for resale and rental to major global sites and international search engines. And now the attorney general has submitted the bill to the financial promoter to pay Fabiano Simos SantosAnd the 44 years of Brazilian descent But he resides in Lychee time gone by Against the prime minister Donatina Bavelli (The owner of the investigation file) summoned 10 years in prison before the single judge Elena Coppola The trial was adjourned to November 15, 2022 due to the arguments of the two parties’ lawyers.

Investigations were carried out by Funders of the Economic and Financial Police Unit in Lecce It resulted in the arrest of the promoter. Santos allegedly founded a shell company called “Advertising Authority” Based in Belize, the State of the Isthmus in Central America. With the alleged collusion of collaborators, the Brazilian-born citizen had invited clients to demonstrate financial products during a sumptuous dinner. A self-designed promoter would have guaranteed 48-120 percent interest on amounts invested in online advertising banners for resale and rental to major global websites and search engines. With this fraudulent strategy as profitable as it is profitable, Santos could have received staggering sums of about one and a half million euros. Investigations were launched as soon as some investors became suspicious by denouncing the Brazilian citizen. From here, a series of investigations and account seizures also developed in the United States, culminating in the arrest of the self-proclaimed promoter.

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During a long prison interrogation, Santos offered a broad defense justifying the failure to return the sums invested by the Salento savers with the simultaneously successful foundation of an American platform on which the money is passed. The investigations also benefited from the IT consultant that was conducted on the suspect’s computer by the IT consultant Silverio Greco. The accused is defended by a lawyer Pantaleo Canoletta. Lawyers follow up on alleged victims Andrea CaponeAnd the Giovanni ApollonioAnd the Fabrizio PellegrinoAnd the Giuseppe RomanoAnd the Pierluigi CornacciaAnd the Salvatore CiriatiAnd the Stefano Di FrancescoAnd the Tiziana DilanaAnd the Alfredo ColucciaAnd the Luigi Rina And the Joseph Nabo

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