La liste des professionnels de santé qui peuvent administrer le vaccin contre le Covid-19 s’élargit à nouveau

DrVeterinarians … Many health professionals are already authorized to perform injections against Covid-19. The list is increasing again according to a decree published in the Official Gazette. These are, in particular, optometrists, audiologists, nutritionists, speech therapists, psychotherapists, or even dental assistants.

The full list can be found on الويب’s website LegiFrance.

These new actors will have to act “Under the responsibility of a doctor who can intervene at any time and on condition” And after following a certain training, just like the other professionals added before them Parisian.

Since January, this list has been gradually enriched. On March 26, a certified health official, for example, recommended that medical students be allowed to be vaccinated.

In order to avoid giving a second dose of the vaccine that would not be useful, the administration of the first dose will now be accompanied by a rapid diagnostic guidance test (serological) for people who have tested positive for the virus without knowing it in the year before the injection. So these people only need one dose.

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