A date is tentatively set for 2022, and the implementation of video pronunciation at the ZFE du Grand Paris will eventually be pushed back to 2023.

Finally, there is good news at the end of the year! Among the increased penalties, reduced bonuses, the arrival of weight taxes and an increased number of speed cameras, 2022 looks bleak. When the government announces a postponement of the measures, they will eventually go into effect until they are met. This is a video-verbal implementation in ZFE. Metropolis of Greater Paris.. Initially, this was scheduled to come into force in 2022, but as announced by the Federation of Drivers and Defense, it will eventually be postponed to 2023. According to Metropolis, the implementation of this device will take longer than expected.

48% of vehicles are banned

And so, after 2023, the camera ZFE Greater Paris is connected to more than 79 municipalities located within the perimeter of the A86 motorway. targeting? Immediately report anyone who does not have the right to access the area because it is considered highly polluted and after July 1, 2022, on all vehicles Crit’Air 3 . Sticker In addition, it is prohibited in this area. This means that gasoline produced before 2005 and diesel produced before 2010. This measure relates to more than 48% of French car fleets.

However, keep in mind that if video ticketing is not activated immediately, you may be penalized if you don’t have the poster, or if you drive in an EPA without the poster. .. I do not have the right. .. it will be 68 euros without withdrawing points.

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Camera control in Paris postponed until 2023

source link Camera control in Paris postponed until 2023


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