La Place Stanislas de Nancy, inscrite au Patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco, est élue Monument préféré des Français 2021.

The Stanislas Square, Dear Citizens of Nancy and People of Lorraine, This Wednesday Favorite monument of French 2021. The 18th century architectural ensemble was selected by Internet users and the ranking was revealed by Stephen Bern in France 3. Blaise Stone, as the locals call it, is winning another iconic site in eastern France: the Citadel and the Lion of Belfort.

The platform also houses the towers of the Chateau de Folice (2nd) and La Rochelle (3rd) in Calvados.

That’s one “Great Pride” Nancy City Mayor, Matthew Klein, invites all French people to find or rediscover Stanislas.

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But who is Stanislas? This Stanislas Leskinsky, King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine, Who built the square from architect Emmanuel Harey. It was luxuriously opened in 1755, later renamed Blaise Royal and officially became Blaise Stanislas in the 18th century. Its founding monument was erected at its center in the 19th century.

The Stanislas location was completely renovated in 2005

From Architectural and decorative wonders, Six monumental iron gates upgraded with gold. Lock worker Jean Lamore signed and they walked around the square. There is still gold in the two symmetrical rococo style fountains located at the corners. Large limestone, also used for the foundation of the Paris Opera, Carre de Elst or Statue of Liberty, large pavilions built of yew stone in the Muse.

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The buildings in the square house, among other things, are Nancy’s Town Hall, Opera-Theater, Museum of Fine Arts. A winning curve connects Blaze Stone with Blaze Carrier.

Place is one of the famous gates of Stanislas. © AFP
Rene Mates

Today it is hard to imagine, but Until 1983, motorists could park at Place Stanislaus. It is on this date that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 2005, to mark its 250th anniversary, Place Stone ‘was completely renovated and made pedestrian. Renovation of paving stones, redesigned lights, refurbished facades, re-gilded gates … the work took two years.

This restructuring creates a call for air: in 2017 Florence Tasman, who was in charge of tourism in Greater Nancy, increased attendance to France Blue Lorraine, which was extended in 2007 by the opening of the TGV SD line. “Whether we’re like Mont Saint-Michael or Strasbourg Cathedral, the top 10 places to visit in France”, She explains.

Travel gem, Stanislaus is also home to Nancy residents : It celebrates election and sporting victories, a place of great rallies and tributes. The facades of the pavilions continue to glow in the colors of major events, while giving “Stanislas le Pinefind”, or his statue, decorations or jokes: they carry flags, protesters … and the yellow jersey of the tour. France in 2014.

Since 2007, Place Stanislas has been a scene Summer light and sound It attracts 600,000 visitors.

Summer 2019, Place Stanislaus in Nancy, Sound and Light show.
Summer 2019, Place Stanislaus in Nancy, Sound and Light show. France Radio France
Melvin Durbin
  • France Blue Lorraine in Nancy celebrates Blaze Stanislas all day on September 16th, with special performances, live performances and interviews with lovers of the 2021 French favorite monument.
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