Latecomer Cagliari Calcio shocked Bologna football club in the 21st round of Serie A with a late 2-1 victory at home.

The best chance in the first half came from Raul Bellanova, who hit the crossbar only after Stangl’s pass from former Storm player Charalambos Likogiannis (14th).

Riccardo Orsolini is doing better after the first half. The midfielder hits Kruzek with a free kick and puts Marko Arnautovic’s team ahead (53rd place). Cagliari was unfazed by this inability and tied with Leonardo Pavoletti (70). The catch pushes a sharp cross from Joker Gaston Pereiro over the line.

After 75 minutes, Arnautovic had his best chance, a subtle shot from ÖFB Legionnaire goalkeeper Alessio Cragno hitting his fingertips. With his goal from an acute angle, Pereiro finally became the “man of the match” (90 + 4.). Bologna goalkeeper Lukas Skorobski doesn’t look good when he hits the ball.

The victory brings Cagliari (16 points) closer to a safe shore, and Venice has another point in first place in the lack of relegation. Bologna has suffered its third defeat in the last four matches and is in 12th place with 27 points.

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