Brexit, the EU begins action against London:

The European Union is appealing a breach action against the United Kingdom, in response to unilateral initiatives to rewrite parts of the Northern Ireland post-Brexit Protocol. The European Commission announced this. “Despite repeated calls for the UK government to implement the Protocol, it has not. This is a clear violation of international law. The aim of these breach actions is to restore compliance with the Protocol in a number of key areas. The UK has not implemented this properly, with the aim of protecting the health of and the ultimate safety of EU citizens,” says the executive.

The blockade thus resumes the measure that began last year, after London unilaterally extended a grace period for trade in Ireland, which was suspended when the two sides sought in September 2021 a joint solution. The EU will also take action on the alleged failure to carry out the necessary checks and provide trade statistical data.

“Trust is built through adherence to international obligations. Unilateral action is not constructive. Violation of international agreements is unacceptable. The UK does not respect protocol.” This was stated by Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sivkovic.

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By our correspondent Enrico Franceschini

“That is why we are launching these breach actions today. The European Union and the United Kingdom must work together to address the practical problems that the Protocol creates in Northern Ireland as a result of Brexit. I remain convinced that with the true political will of the Protocol to act, we can achieve our goals …I urge my UK counterparts to engage in good faith and explore the full potential of the solutions we have proposed. Only joint solutions will create legal certainty that people and businesses in Northern Ireland deserve it,” he added. .


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