A Russian fighter almost collided with a Polish plane.

NATO put its air force on alert “in response to the dangerous behavior of a Russian military aircraft A Polish Frontex plane approached over the Black SeaThis is what a NATO spokesman told Europe Press about the incident that occurred last Friday.

The Polish Border Protection Agency reported that a Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet intercepted and came dangerously close to the Polish Let L-410 which was patrolling the international airspace of the Polish Border Protection Agency yesterday. Frontex, the Polish border protection agency. The Polish agency accused the Russian fighter of carrying out “aggressive and dangerous maneuvers”, coming within five meters of the ship on three occasions, causing the crew to temporarily lose control of the turboprop.

Polish officials said the plane, which had two pilots and three border protection officials on board, lost altitude and was able to land safely thanks only to the skills of the pilots. According to reports from Ukrinform, NATO command mobilized two Spanish and two Spanish aircraft, and Romanian Ambassador to NATO Dan Nicolaescu confirmed this without providing further information.

After the controversial maneuver to intercept a Russian fighter that came dangerously close to a Polish aircraft, the European agency Frontex has for the time being suspended border patrol flights entrusted to Polish aircraft.

Frontex announced today that all other flights will continue as scheduled, while a spokeswoman for the Polish Border Agency clarified that the decision was taken jointly. A Polish government spokesman said The maneuvering approach was “provoked” by Russia.


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