Dead By Daylight exceeds 50 million players

any doubt about dead by daylight Popularity has been completely wiped out with its newest feature.

On Tuesday, Behavior Interactive announced that dead by day It has exceeded 50 million players. An amazing feat for any game, not to mention dressing up like Michael Myers, Ghostface or Freddy Krueger to terrorize people trying to fix randomly broken generators. scary things It sells, even as a spooky appetizer on highly competitive multiplayer treats. anyway dead by daylight Consistent with content updates, such as recent Chapter RingoUndoubtedly helping to stay in power.

“Thank you to all of our players,” Behavior Interactive said. on Twitter. “Hope to see you in the fog!”

In spite of dead by daylight Success, reactive behavior is no stranger to controversy. last fall, a NFT . cooperation Annoyed many fans, making the studio Clarify her position On the controversial blockchain technology. In fairness, Behavior Interactive takes a lot of community feedback very seriously, as was the case with the latter Leatherface cosmetics disaster.

suddenly , dead by day There are still not many competitors in the asymmetric multiplayer horror genre. things like that Friday the 13th: The Game It came and went quickly, although there were interesting projects like Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls And the Texas Chainsaw Massacre looming.

written By Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.


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