William Shatner will make the trip thanks to Jeff Bezos

William Shatner, the iconic actor behind Captain Kirk in “Star Trek”, you could make your first spaceflight, in fact, as a crew member for the next sub-orbital spaceflight planned by the space company. blue origin From the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

According to the information received from TMZ, if the anonymous report is correct, that would make Shatner the longest-lived person – at 90 – to travel to space, surpassing aviation pioneer Wally Funk, 82, during the first flight with Blue Origin crew.

Secondly, RT in Spanish, reports that Shatner’s trip will be sponsored by Bezos himself.

William Shatner and his journey into space

William Shatner played for several years Capitán James T. Kirk In the original “Star Trek” series, but this will be His first real flight into space, which would not require much effort, considering that she had already ordered Enterprise spaceship.

But in fact, the Trip Profile It’s not a great job either, since then Involves climbing into a capsule of the crew for launch from the Blue Origin spaceport (in West Texas).

Shatner LLC Other space travelers They will have a few minutes of float to zero-G And enjoy the view of the black sky above a curved earth Then they descend into a parachute landing in the Texas desert.

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The Sub-orbital mission training of this type only pIt takes a few daysUsually the same trip takes a few times 10 minutes. This contrasts with the time frame for an orbital flight like the one that SpaceX provided in September for the mission. charitable inspiration 4 .

All four members of the Inspiration4 crew have passed months of training For a three-day trip.


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