Amazon Alexa gets tools

This week Amazon announced some new features for Alexa developers, but it’s also interesting for regular users. In my opinion, this also includes new widgets for Echo devices that have a display.

Here you can, for example, see the shopping list and check it directly using touch input. Amazon has a very brief example of this Echo Show 10 It is, of course, perfectly suited to widgets.


I think it is good and important to improve the acceptance of smart speakers with a screen. The only interesting question is: will developers also use this for their skills and build a matching widget?

Amazon Alexa mit gadgets

Initially available as a developer preview, APL Widgets are a new way for customers to interact with content on their device’s home screen. This includes clear, individually adaptable, and self-updating views of skill content. Interactive skill experiences are available to customers via the tools even before the skill is called. For example, they can check a point in a list or click on a widget to go directly to the latest content of the skill. Developers can use APL documents to create these tools, just as they do today with multi-media skill responses.

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