Florist's trick to make the wilted hydrangea beautiful and luxurious

It is definitely the flower of the summer of 2021. Together with geranium, hydrangeas have won the hearts of plant and flower lovers. Lovely to view on our very colorful balconies. It’s also perfect for keeping inside in pots. At the entrance to our home to enrich the environment or at the living room table.

Thanks to its variety of colors, it fits perfectly with any style of furniture. And they give a touch of sophistication. But you know, unfortunately cut flowers have a short life. We would like them to last longer and today we will find out the trick that will make us speechless.

The plant that comes from Asia

Cuban real name is hydrangea, is a perennial shrub native to China, but is now also grown in Italy as an ornamental plant. Its gorgeous colored petals give elegance without much effort. The color variety is very wide, but this plant also has a peculiarity. It is, in fact, possible Change the color of the petals Play with the pH of the soil.

Florist’s trick to make the wilted hydrangea beautiful and luxurious

We then have a beautiful vase with cut hydrangeas, but we notice that they wither. Petal bushes are dull and flat. Not as complete as we would like. So, how are you going to set about reviving it? Just shower in our hydrangeas!

That’s right, hydrangeas are among those few flowers that absorb water from the petals. So let’s have a tub of water. Dip the upside down hydrangea in the water. The petaled bush should be completely submerged. We put the stem on the edge for greater stability. We leave for the whole night. And the next morning we’ll have some green hydrangeas again!

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So here’s a florist’s trick to make wilted hydrangeas beautiful and lush again. To make our packages last longer, a few tricks are enough. We have already talked about it in this article. “Here are some tricks for making a beautiful bouquet of potted flowers that will last longer.”


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