Saints Row is expected to offer three DLCs after release

In February 2022, we’ll be able to dive once again into the crazy Saints Row franchise, even if the first pictures didn’t reassure fans in the first hour, some saw they were a long way from what was a success. However, this will not change the plans of Deep Silver, who intends to amaze us with this reboot, which should tell us about the Saints’ debut.

Recently, we were treated to a new trailer, consisting of some gameplay footage, mixed with some developer comments that you can find here. Although he does not appear in the video, We also learned that the developers have already planned three DLCs during the post-launch campaign, through a press release. However, no details of the content have been provided yet, but if we refer to the DLC of the old games, the fun should be there.

As for Saints Row itself, Remember that the story will take place in the fictional city of Santo Eliso in the American Southwest. This is the largest world created for Saints Row, and players will have a wide range of weapons, as well as vehicles. Furthermore, character customization will be pushed to its limits according to the studio. We’ll be able to find out all of this starting February 25, the release date on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series.


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