Steph Curry avec le maillot des Warriors

If a team is accustomed to Finals, the Warriors will do it disputehe is Their sixth streak to the title in the past eight years. So inevitably, he doesn’t feel the pressure in San Francisco Bay, evidence of Steve Curry’s unlikely activity before the first game.

Stephen Curry Only 4 wins away from moving a little further in the history of the league… In fact, should the Warriors be crowned against the Celtics in the coming weeks, the captain will have no fewer than four rings to his credit, most likely his first MVP title in the Finals, Which will allow him to seriously compete with Magic Johnson for the title of best goalkeeper of all time.

Despite the great stress that has to arise from this context, the Chef has to be somewhat calm as this latest series of qualifiers approaches. If the Boston players don’t have higher-level experience and can admire, Steve Kerr’s guys know the song by heart, and they’ll live out their sixth final in just 8 years.

Stephen Curry is storing golf clubs before the finals!

Evidence of the relaxation that pervades the San Francisco Bay, Steve Curry has just been seen leaving a store after a massive shopping session. The finals haven’t even started yet and he’s already thinking about how to have fun between matches or after his new coronation. It’s hard to be cooler than the Warriors at this point in the competition.

With the Finals approaching, Stephen Curry is still taking some time for himself, which is evidence that he just bought new golf clubs to be able to relax before the games, or to get ready for his vacation. He casually went to one of the many PGA Tour Superstores in California, which inevitably made people laugh. The reactions were witty, often.

He’s getting ready for the holidays, and he’ll be swept up during the finals.

The Warriors are just 4 wins away from making league history, again, which doesn’t necessarily confirm Stephen Curry, who is currently focused on his wild games against the California Greens. The weather must be very different in Boston…


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