Manchester United officials hope to help negotiate with their new cardholder manager Ralph Ranknick Erling Holland.

The Norwegian-Borussia Dortmund star is wanted by many of Europe’s top clubs, including Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid. The daily newspaper The Sun reported that the City was polarizing to list him, thus following in the footsteps of his father Alf-Inge. Real Madrid are also said to be looking for Scandinavians.

However, Ranknick has everything to raise the balance on the monkey side. Two years ago, when he was the football director of the Austrian team, Holland had already worked for the transfer from Mold to Salzburg.

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Ranknick knows Holland well

United hope that this advantage will be to their advantage and that they will succeed in putting in their hands one of the most sought after goal scorers in the circuit. The latter, as a reminder, will be available for 75 million next summer, as stipulated in a clause in his contract.

Hollande’s arrival in Salzburg brought the 21 – year – old to light and Dortmund quickly signed him a year later. Since then, he has continued to advance and intimidate counters. On Saturday, he scored his 50th Bundesliga goal through the BVB.

MU former boss Olé Gunnar Solskjaer believed he would be a key factor in a possible deal because he started in Molde. But, to no avail. Can Ranknick perform better than his predecessor on the Old Trafford bench? Suspicion is allowed.


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