César 2022, a ceremony without surprise or indifference


February 25, 2022 Valerie Lemarcier, Caesar for Best Actress for her role in the movie “Align” at Olympia.

CÉSAR – Antoine de Caunes dreamed of a “happy festival, a celebration of emotions and laughter, cinema”. “Live according to the luck that the Ukrainians do not have” is a happy parenthesis. But in the end, this 47th edition seemed like one of the family celebrations where no one dared to say what they thought.

Two versions of Caesar marked by scandals and failures and the long-awaited Canal + Ten Celebrations after a new year of health crisis have selected Antoine de Canes as the senior player in the gym. And since his role was announced, the faithful face of the chain has warned that he wants to avoid the “record” of the past years.

So this Friday evening, from the Olympia arena in Paris, twenty prizes were combined at a TGV pace, finally leaving the least amount of space for the mild and unexpected events that make up the Caesars’ salt. The unrest was quickly called off on stage by the impossible intervention of comedian Mary in Infiltrates, who lifted her skirt and shouted “Good evening, here’s my ass!” We would have done without.

Even some of the appearances (except for the surprises) of Jose Garcia raised by Sauce with Antoine de Gaunz through the media over the course of several days were far less than the two of us were accustomed to. Nowhere else.

Umar Sai succeeded in dancing the room in the Stromay, and Valerie Lemercier, who was crowned Best Actress for Celine Dion’s true-false biopic – made us laugh by provoking “the next film in the story of Martin Aubry”. Everything was very smooth and consensual.

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Where are the women?

No surprise from the winners of this 47th edition. Although the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Festival this year (finally) presented prizes to female directors, very rarely at these festivals, did Caesars follow the movement. The Academy, which has been renovated to respond to opaque, inter-self and arrogant allegations, has lost the opportunity to show that it has changed.

Neither does Audrey Diwan EventOr for Julia Ducournau TitaniumOr for Valérie Lemercier Alin Won the Statue of Excellence, where only Tony Marshall distinguished himself in 2000. Venus Beauty (Company). Xavier Gianoli and Leos Carax started the favorites with 15 and 11 nominations, flew in the evening, but were clear on their absence.

Plenty, ambitious, sometimes confusing music Annette Goes with César for better movement (and better original music, better sound and better editing). When painting Lost illusions The film, adapted from Balzac’s, won the Caesar Award for Best Picture, along with Best Male Hope for Benjamin Vois and Best Supporting Actor for Vincent Lacoste. But tonight, our illusions of an evening full of panache are also lost.

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