By cutting through a rock they make a discovery, what they find has left them dumbfounded

The miners cut a rock inside which there is something amazing. It is what they see that leaves them stunned.

Discovery in a rock –

A rock is a large, solid, solid mass composed entirely of minerals. It has been formed since ancient times and can have different configurations and shapes, but we can say that it is an essential component of the earth’s crust. Some of the main types can be igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. The former consist, for example, of hardened magma, and the latter of the deposition of sand, clay or rock fragments. The latest from the transformation of rocks that are already there, with a change in temperature.

The story we will see today has its protagonists some miners who make an amazing discovery during some excavations. What they find inside the rock makes them gasp. Let’s find out together what it is.

Miners cut a rock

Today’s story takes place in Uruguay, where there is a group of friends with a passion for research. Especially minerals and rocks. They often met, as they do today, to discover new rock formations. Most of the time they prefer to go inside the caves, because from there the rocks come out in the most beautiful shapes. However, they do not know that what he finds today will surprise them very much.

They recently arrived near a very famous cave in Uruguay, and they are equipped with all the tools needed to go into and carve the rock. It’s very dark inside, so after putting flashlights on their heads, they go inside. They’re very impressed with the rock, and it’s immediately obvious that they haven’t traveled that far. This is very strange for them. As if the rock was waiting for them, as if it had been placed there just for them.

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They found something in the rock
They found something in the rock –

They all get close, but what they see is unbelievable. The rock has an unusual shape and a certain color seems to come out of it. It’s not the classic outdoor gray, so they make the decision together to put it out in the sunlight. Once they come out of the cave, which is near Artigrass, they take all the chisels and slowly cut through the rocks. It takes about two hours before it’s all cut perfectly in half, but what they see once it’s been cut leaves them dumbfounded.

The biggest discovery ever made

The miners, without realizing it, are about to make one of the most beautiful underground finds ever. What they see once they cut through the rock seems to be the most romantic find ever, also because of its unusual shape. What is inside the rock is just a geode. It is a rock formed within an igneous or sedimentary rock. An unusual gem is formed when an amethyst grows inside a cavity sealed off by a dense stone.

Up to 10 thousand crystals of purple color form an unusual geode about 3 meters high. There are some circular shapes in the stones inside, which have spherical cavities and are filled with precious crystals. Finders can be of completely different sizes: from one centimeter to a meter or more. The little things are called tonsils, and the giant things are called cavernosa. The air gap in the rock quickly filled with mineral-rich water.

Then they understand what is happening, the moisture evaporates and the salts crystallize in the process of precipitation. When cut, some blanks with crystals inside stand out perfectly, showing extraordinary beauty. The thin silica shell firmly holds the spherical shape of the unique quartz crystals. Many of the geode blanks have become actual museum exhibits. The main place of their extraction is the territory of Uruguay and Brazil. However, these unusual artifacts were found in Russia.

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Geode –

In the process of searching, workers had to sift through many layers of rock. All existing mineral veins are carefully studied by professionals. Finding jewelry in this way is real wealth, and few can afford it. But hard work is rewarded by nature. The Uruguayan miners were very lucky, they found a geode of extraordinary beauty in a giant basalt stone. The main thing they wanted to do before returning was to warn some specialists.

They really want to confirm how many years ago these geodes were said to have formed. They were answered immediately and believe that all this beauty is about 130 million years old. Their discovery is the most unusual in the past millennium. It not only has a beautiful color but also a unique heart shape. However, scientists want to do detailed research, so they want to leave the geode in the structure. They do not object, but they will certainly remember such a find for some time.


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