All about the 3 LoL Champions that will be released in 2022

Last year, Riot Games aimed to introduce a hero for every role, except for the medium where two new characters were planned, but The Californian studio found itself in a dilemma far from the world of video games : Release of new unfinished content on the expected date, or postponed until it is actually ready. And that’s exactly why Vex was “delayed” in League of Legends, because the Riot teams were simply unable to keep up with the pace they had imposed on themselves.

For this reason, Riot Games has decided to slow down a bit and lower the annual champion quota for the 2022 season. Instead of the usual 5-6, Only 3 heroes will join Rift this year – The first of them was revealed: it is Ziri.

Zero Spark Zone

Here she is, the 158th League of Legends Champion. After the first leak of her badge, Riot Games decided to formalize it on Day 1 of Season 12 with the first trailer.

Without knowing, at the moment, the details of his skills that Riot Games have just introduced Some details about this new ADC Who is expected to join the league in the coming weeks. He embodies Ziri, who has mastered electricity, in a certain way A new generation of shooters – in line with Jhin and Graves. She certainly has no ammo, unlike these two heroes, but her self-attack is apparently unlike anything we know currently. “His collection is inspired by shooting games, especially machine guns and assault rifles,Ryan explained “Reav3” Myrless, the main product; “It has a unique gameplay of ADC. Instead of auto-attack, his Q is a shooting skill that does everything an auto-attack can do to other underpass heroes. Zeri also has an automatic attack, but this is not his primary tool for cultivating, damaging, or taking targets.

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Very mysterious wizard

Unlike all witches who habitually dwell League of LegendsThis time, Riot Games wants to bring the hero back to life.”darker and sinister to balance all that good humor, [un champion] whose subject matter and toolkit will reflect the status of president that this role confers.” currently, We know almost nothing about this new wizardSince the only clue Riot has left is this cryptic still photo of a hero from Zaun…

League of Legends
League of Legends

This says, There is still a fairly solid path represented in person Corina Verazza This alchemy baroness responsible for the kidnapping of Caitlyn’s parents is already in Legends of Runeterra. Especially since in the video trailer for the three Riot heroes, Reav3 insists on several words (chief, backstage And Rambunctious) Which seems to fit right in with Corin – meaning that The method of work Of the character consists specifically in Stay in the shadows by controlling minions from a distance Spray it with chemicals coming from before control their minds, and sometimes drive them crazy

Additionally, and while the design changes a bit, it’s clear that the two images above (the first from the video, the second being an illustration of the card from LoR) share the same details: This robotic arm / robotic Which, let’s say, puts the chip in our ears…

It’s a hell of an investigation. After the Arcane trailer and the discoveries it seems to bring, the user decided to conduct an investigation to find the next support for League of Legends. And all paths lead to Corina Veraza…

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jungle hell

The last hero We can wait 2022 will surely please creature lovers who are tired of hominins, because There is absolutely no doubt that this is Holland, or at least a filthy insect associated with this universe. Right in the middle of the ad video, Reav3 pauses in a comical gesture and his eyes light up a purple glow thanks to a rather strange sound effects effect, while his voice is distorted — much like the one his vacuum once had.

Then comes out of his mouth the words that we have the impression that we have already heard, or rather we have read … in the last Malzahar story: Prophet’s Day.

Show. I see it all. Lavender sea. Purple cities extend over these lands. It dominates everything. my empire. This is what Runeterra should be, its true form. Bluff City will fall first. Gorgeous Remora swims tirelessly in the lavender towns. It offers everything in its path. It devours us. We are all saved. “

It’s hard to know exactly what Riot has in store for us, especially since despite our research we could not find the slightest reference to the city of Belveth. In addition, the void remains a very mysterious dimension in the world of Runeterra – a dimension about which little is known, except that it will be judged by the observers.

This says, The last story of Malzahar Invokes the fact that nothing will take”new look“evolve”Under the lavender sea— while Reav3’s crazy outing points out,sublime remora“. From there let’s imagine that the next hero is a kind of parasitic fish, there is only one step. After all, remora are a type of tropical sea fish that can ‘stick’ to sharks or turtles with a dorsal fin that acts as a sticky disk…

Could it be a new creature? Far from the Zaunian ADC that was originally announced by League of Legends Roadmap, a new story of a Nether prophet puts us in the ear and seems to foretell the arrival of a whole new champion…

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