Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Celebrate the New Year at a Disco in St. Barts

Jeff Bezos It’s all gone john Travolta With my girlfriend Lauren Sanchez …where they celebrated the new year of disco fashion.

Bezos posted pictures of himself and Sanchez looking super cute sharing a pool in St Barts.

Now here’s what’s interesting. Check out this photo of Jeff with son Lauren Nico The father of former NFL star Nico Tony Gonzalez. Tony was married to Lauren, and he told us that Tony and his wife are on vacation with Lauren and Tony… and we were told it wasn’t the first time.

Jeff posted that 2022 will be a time for personal growth. For her part, Lauren commented and wrote, “I love you, my love. For all reasons and for no reason.”

You have to look at Bezos’ clothes…a vintage orange shirt from the ’70s, cream chinos, and sunglasses.

Lauren was a little more modern…a cropped black top and black leather pants.

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Yacht

They have been hanged in St Barth for over a week… bask like kings On the luxury yacht they rented for the holidays.

The 57-year-old is going through – well, some might say midlife crisis – reviewing his midlife crisis orange body, Our sources are explicitly Bezos to reject This is the result of the growth hormone, despite what some have speculated on social media.

One thing is for sure… they made it clear on this trip – they’re really in love with each other.

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