An extremely rare Pokémon card, only 1 out of 20 in existence, sold for over $100,000 at auction

Pokemon cards are getting more and more popular, and freebies are getting more and more popular on Twitch and YouTube. However, another aspect of collecting Pokémon cards is still popular: buying extremely rare cards at auction. For example, the rare Illustrator Pikachu card sold for nearly $1 million in the past month. Now, the latest rare Pokémon card sold at auction is making the rounds in the trading card community: the Snap Magikarp, one of 20 cards known to exist. These Snap Cards were first reported by Nintendo Life, and distributed to the winners of a Pokémon Snap contest held in Japan decades ago. If you are a winner, the winning Pokémon Snap in the game becomes an actual Pokémon card, so not only is it rare as a result, but only 20 of each have been created. Nintendo Life reported that one of 20 Snap Magikarp cards recently sold at a Japanese auction for 5 million yen, or roughly $136,000. You can watch this video about the card below, uploaded by smpratte, the one who appears to be the winner: With this card sold, there are 19 other people somewhere. Maybe those other 19 people have, or maybe they just lost their time. For now, they’re still dodgers like Magikarp who does his best not to take Old Rod bait (okay, they’re probably a little bit dodgy than that). To learn more, read about the Illustrator Pikachu card sold out last month, then check out the upcoming Pokémon Go trading card bundles that will be released in stores soon.

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[Source: Nintendo Life]

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