Hearthstone reveals its next expansion in the coming days!

Griffin’s year is coming to an end soon on Hearthstone! As players rush to start the new expansion cycle and theme for next year, Blizzard is taking the lead, releasing a 2022 roadmap for the Warcraft series. Even if our favorite TCG has pretty much taken ease with the world of Warcraft, it’s still swayed by this halo of news! In particular, we learn that The next Hearthstone expansion will be revealed on Tuesday, March 15th.

A full turn when approaching!

The March 15 announcement will have a special resonance, as it marks the start of a new year under the Hearthstone theme. As a reminder, each year of Hearthstone is marked by a wonderful animal (griffin, phoenix, mammoth…), and contains three full expansions. With each new annual turn, the standard deck of playable cards changes. A new round of expansions becomes playable as standard, while an old one packs its bags in free mode.

The mystery remains complete at the time of this writing regarding the theme of Hearthstone’s upcoming year. Will the next expansion put us under the ghoul tag? dinosaur? Or any other magical creature?

Weeks full of new maps

The Blizzard post announces “extension revelations,” but we can reasonably imagine that not all of the cards in the extension will be revealed on the same evening. exactly the contrary. On March 15th, we must discover the theme of the extension as much as possible, as well as its new mechanics and a few token cards. But as tradition requires, all cards will be picked over several days, to make the fun of discovery last!

burner sports

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Broadcasting between the two Hearthstone Worlds matches (in which Frenchman Gaby is participating), the 2022 esports announcements seem to meet most of the community’s expectations: more places in Worlds (and more easily accessible), GM’s end, and above all, competitive Battlegrounds.


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