WhatsApp will soon let you hide 'last seen' status from specific contacts

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that allows users to hide their last seen status from specific contacts.

The feature’s name is specified as “My contacts except…”, according to Report Powered by WABetaInfo, an independent portal that provides updates about WhatsApp.

The report stated that the feature may be available to beta testers on the Privacy Settings page.

The current options available for Last Seen status updates are Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

WABetaInfo states that some users may choose “Nobody” if they want to hide their status from certain contacts.

However, selecting this option also means that they will not be able to view the “last seen” status of other users. Giving users the ‘My Contacts Except’ feature means that they will have the option to exclude certain contacts from viewing their online status for privacy reasons.

However, WABetaInfo added that this feature does not prevent the contact or excluded contacts from seeing the user’s page or profile picture.

The currently set privacy settings are also only available for WhatsApp status, with three options to choose from which are “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except…” and “Only Share with…” for users to select who can see updates their condition.

Last week WhatsApp announce A new feature called Communities where people will be able to group separate groups under one topic. Communities also come with tools for admins to remove problematic messages from chats. It also supports voice calls for up to 32 people.


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