The kidnapping warning plan was raised in Vos for little Mia, however she was not found

The “kidnapping alarm” device was raised overnight in connection with the eight-year-old little Mia, following the decision of the public prosecutor’s office in Ebenezer. The girl was abducted by three men on Tuesday while her grandmother was at home.

The Ministry of Justice said overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday that the abduction alarm device for Mia, an eight-year-old girl abducted in Voss, had been thrown away and an investigation was ongoing. “With the decision of the public prosecutor’s office in Ebenezer, the kidnapping warning is coming to an end,” the Ministry of Justice announced in a tweet. “The baby has not been found. But his photos should not be published. The investigation is continuing. Thank you all for your help.”

With the decision of the public prosecutor’s office in Ebenezer, the kidnapping warning comes to an end. The baby was not found. But his photos should no longer be published. The investigation continues.
Thanks to everyone for your help.

– Ministry of Justice (justice_gouv) April 13, 2021

On Tuesday, the device was triggered after the child was abducted by three men while his grandmother was in Voss, according to the public prosecutor for Gendermary and Ebenezer. The girl was “abducted on April 13, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. by three European men, two between the ages of 25 and 35, one of whom is said to have been tattooed in the form, according to the text broadcast, with a cross on the neck, and the third by 45 to 50 years.

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The baby can be with his mother

These men are “likely to be in circulation in an anthracite gray Volkswagen transporter vehicle,” he adds. “When the girl was handed over to her maternal grandmother, a trusted third party was appointed by the children’s judge,” said Ebenezer Nicola Heights, the attorney general, who is scheduled to hold a press conference on Wednesday.

Baby “28, 1m70, very thin, shoulder length light brown hair, two tattoos + stars + ‘One wrist’ abduction warning not allowed to be seen alone with her mother Lola Montemaki. This woman” is a black Peugeot 207 vehicle, registered Made BZ 370 GZ “Nicola Heights said the Nancy Research Division and the Saint-Die Research Brigade were in charge of the investigation.

“Abduction Warning”, an old device from 2006

The “Abduction Alert” program is a large and immediate warning system to assist in the search for an abducted child. It was largely inspired by the “Amber Alert” program created in Texas in 1996, after the kidnapping and murder of little Amber Hackerman.

Adopted in France in February 2006, it launches a massive alert to mobilize people in search of a child and his or her abductor if a minor is abducted. It only works if a number of conditions are met: there must be a proven abduction, there must be a simple disappearance, the victim must be a minor, his physical integrity or his life must be in danger and elements of information must make it possible to locate him … its previous implementation in February 2020 , 1-year-old girl abducted in Anchors. The girl died the next day with a rag and her mother, who was suffering from mental disorders, confessed to killing her child.

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