PlayStation Insider teases big news coming very soon

A prominent PlayStation insider joked that some huge news related to the Sony games brand is coming out this week. In recent days, we’ve already heard that Sony may be preparing to announce a new PlayStation Spartacus subscription service sometime soon. And while it remains to be seen if this actually pays off, this concerned insider has apparently indicated that more PlayStation announcements could be in the pipeline.

According to Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, PlayStation could have up to three major announcements to share at some point in the coming days. Miller, who was previously a reporter specializing in PlayStation coverage, quipped that this week he might have a lot more in store for those playing games in Sony’s ecosystem. “Man, looks like it could be an interesting week for PlayStation, even if one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true,” Miller said on social media today. More details about what this rumor could be connected to was not provided by Miller, but it stands to reason that Spartacus is probably one of the three things that can be provoked.

Miller continued to note that he will delay recording for his PlayStation-focused podcast, PS I Love You XOXO, to later in the week than usual. The podcast is usually taped for the first half of each week, but Miller said the show instead won’t take place until Thursday, March 31, instead. As such, this seems to indicate that the ads Miller raised here will appear in the early part of the week, assuming they happen at all.

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It’s worth emphasizing that although Miller is a well-connected source when it comes to PlayStation news, take this with caution for now. While it’s very likely we’ll hear something substantial from Sony in the near future, there’s no guarantee the company will make three announcements this week. If we hear anything else from PlayStation soon, we’ll make sure to update you here on in due course.

What do you think PlayStation might end up with this week? Other than the details associated with the PlayStation Spartacus, what do you think Sony can reveal? Let me know for yourself either in the comments or you can connect with me on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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