Genshin Impact developer miHoYo spends big on experimental energy sources

Genshin has achieved Impact Effect Since its inception in the year 2020. Not even after two whole years have passed, developer miHoYo has achieved massive success with its fun and deep (and of course free to play) game. Now the studio is branching out into more non-game projects that could have their own impact on the future.

As reported in Beijing BandaiAnd miHoYo and Chinese investment firm NIO Capital are putting $63 million into research and development in Energy Singularity, a company that builds “the next generation of high-performance fusion devices.” computer games He briefly explains what this might mean for the future of energy. Nuclear fusion (as opposed to fission) is a theoretical form of energy production with little waste. If realized, it could have a huge impact (that word again) in the fight against climate change. That’s what Energy Singularity aims for, and investments from companies like miHoYo can help make that happen.

miHoYo did another gaming related project recently. Just two weeks prior to the time of this writing, HoYoverse, which seeks to combine “games, animation, and other entertainment” under one banner, announced. He’s already produced things like anime, manga, music, and even desktop apps around his IP, so the whole content world feels like the natural next step. Meanwhile, the latest studio miHoYo, located in Montreal, Canada, is developing an open-world superhero shooting game.

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