The González Íñigo stage started with the right foot. Supported by the fans in the stands and players on the field, Charros beat the Sultans 4-2 in the inaugural series of the 2021-2022 season. of the Mexican Pacific League.

Orlando Lara led the way and Agustin Murillo led in two goals and scored one. Novice Jalisco had an exceptional pentathlon with three hits no runs, two walks, and hit five opponents for the win. Lewis Gamez was the loser after playing five innings taking four hits and two, walking four times and hitting three. The ball was issued to Roberto Osuna, who made his debut with Guadalajara, after four attempts.

Roberto Vizcarra’s ninth broke the zero in the first episode. In order to tighten the wedge, two previous sultans were combined. Jose Juan Aguilar got a passport and reached the waiting room with a hit from Mane Rodriguez, hitting Felix Perez and Aguilar scoring 1-0. Christian Villanueva carried the rules but Murillo’s fly dominated the end of the menace.

In the second half, Julián Ornelas received the base and ran to third after Fernando Flores was injured. Unable to stop him, Aguilar sent Ornelas to the record with a 2-0 score.

Jalisco handcuffed Sultans for five episodes, with Anthony Giansanti being their best man in attack when he finished with two strokes, scoring one run and producing another in his three rackets.

With Lara gone, Alex Tovalin had trouble in the sixth game and Monterrey seized the opportunity. Giansante walked into third after a foul on second base. Riccardo Serrano sent a streak to the start that was controlled but allowed the Sultan to approach 2-1.

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But in the same episode and before local tension arrived, Murillo knocked her out of the park to make it 3-1.

In relief, Brennan Bernardino and David Richardson did not allow a run, and it was Fernando Cruz who could not stand the offensive pressure of the Sultans in eighth place. Danny Ortiz doubled the goal and Giansante made it 3-2. Urrutia put the guys in the corners but Puerto Rico got the inning.

The local attack hit back. In the same episode, Amador received the base and Perez replaced him, Villanueva hit a hard blow and Agustin Murillo sent Perez to the record with a 4-2 score.

In the ninth game, Roberto Osuna retired from his three rivals and scored his first save for Jalisco.



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