The Pope’s commitment to the search for peace

The Holy See, after the diplomatic mission in Kyiv, admits that it is “not easy” to restore peace to Ukraine. But it is the only viable method, in which the supreme pontiff can play an essential role. In his last prayers to Regina Kelly,

Pope Francesco

Ask God to instill

“The Spirit of Peace for the Leaders of Nations”

. Meanwhile, from Cascia, his closest aide, Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro


expressed the hope that

Negotiations begin as soon as possible

And we can finally reach the desired peace.” In this the Holy See remains available to facilitate the process.

“The Pope can still continue to play a very important role in this conflict and in its resolution. There are spaces.”

The Vatican’s foreign minister, Monsignor, said. Paul Richard


at the end of his mission in Ukraine.

Diplomacy at work –

According to Zelensky, it is up to diplomacy to resolve matters. “The conflicting parties must come to the negotiating table to negotiate,” the Vatican’s foreign minister said, stressing that the Holy See would have a role. The same


After seeing the injuries on the field, the physical injuries but also the pain of the nation struggling to find a way out, he says that

Ukraine must defend itself, and to do so it must receive aid, including military aid.

. But he asks to avoid an “arms race”. Instead, “it is essential that Ukraine be included in all initiatives in favor of peace.”

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Focus on deportees –

The Vatican in these hours can be among the actors who, in accordance with international law, seek to return to Ukrainian territory people, civilians and soldiers, who were deported to Russia or to Russia after the evacuation of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. territories controlled by Russia.

“We count on the active participation of the Holy See in the liberation of Ukrainian citizens deported from Russia and detained on Russian soil”

On Friday after meeting Gallagher, he had hoped,

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba

. And, perhaps, it is no coincidence that the wives of the soldiers of the Azov regiment, after meeting with Pope Francis on May 11, were in Istanbul in the last hours to request a commitment from the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew.

China file –

In addition to Ukraine, there is also another important foreign file on the table of the Vatican State Secretariat, the file of China, especially after the arrest of Card. Joseph Zane, later released on bail. “I follow the often complex lives and events of believers and pastors with interest and participation,” the Pope said at Regina Cayley’s prayer, hoping that

“I hope that the Church in China will exercise its mission of proclaiming the Gospel to all

thus making a positive contribution to the spiritual and material progress of society.”


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