These kidnappings abroad are by Maduro's secret services

Latin America is on alert in anticipation of kidnappings carried out by the Venezuelan dictatorship abroad

Argentine Minister of Security Patricia BullrichI asked the government Joe Biden To change the policy of rapprochement with Venezuela, and stop “supporting dictatorship.” Bullrich said that the kidnapping that took place in Chile on Wednesday, February 21, of an exiled lieutenant critical of Maduro, is a matter of “extreme seriousness and must lead to changes in the way the entire continent deals with Venezuela’s dictatorship.” Bullrich is investigating what happened in Santiago. on Wednesday, when members kidnapped Venezuelan Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda by posing as Chilean policemen.

“This is a very serious situation. We have no official information from Chile but this could mean that Secret services “Venezuela is behaving abroad and this is very dangerous, so we are vigilant, and we are communicating with the Chilean authorities to find out the consequences and reasons for this kidnapping,” the Minister of Security of Miley said, warning that “Venezuela could think that it is behaving with impunity.” All over the world, but this should not be the case.” The suspicion is that it could be a new Condor Plan (this time from the “left”) because the same thing already happened in Costa Rica with Nicaraguan exiles while Venezuelan exiles in Chile now live in horror.

Paolo Manzo, February 26, 2024

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