Georgia Meloni feels trapped, trapped, as if she were in 41 bis: “I don't trust anyone anymore.  Not even about you.”

Giorgia Meloni feels “under siege”. Also “surrounded”. As if it were “under 41 bis”, the maximum security system that mafiosi and terrorists end up with. This is precisely why he says to his friend, the TV director: “I no longer trust anyone.” And maybe I shouldn't trust you either.” While the head of his private secretariat, Patricia Scurti, who ended up in the newspapers at the time of the fake phone call from the African leader and which was actually made by two Russian comedians, tries to impose a regime of silence even on diplomats. He cancels trips all the time. He was scheduled to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this evening and was then supposed to arrive in Saudi Arabia, and even the opening of a barracks in Aspromonte was canceled at the last minute.

Banding syndrome

printing He explains that on the occasion of the visit with Interior Minister Matteo Piantidosi, the RAI was also alerted. Public Television arranged everything for on-site service. In the end, the plane left with the identification number for the Prime Minister's Office. But without her on board. Encirclement syndrome from which only a few survive. Among these, in addition to Scurti, was Undersecretary Giovanbattista Fazzolari. From the trenches of Chigi Palace, the showgirls continue to defend the government and repel opposition attacks. Then there is the darkness. And beyond the unknown fence. He tells friends and associates about his feelings of oppression. Because of the role that carries with it countless responsibilities. But also internal difficulties with the Allies. And with his party.

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Angry Georgia

Immediately after the election, Meloni reserved his anger for attacks coming from abroad. Regarding the French Minister, Bonn spoke of unacceptable interventions against a sovereign state. Then, when the executive was formed, he attacked the diktat and threatened to return to voting. She was also angry at the last edition of the Sanremo Festival because of Rosa Chemical's performance. But the last (very private) shares were reserved for Matteo Salvini. The main reason for the defeat of the center-right in Sardinia was because the votes did not reach Paolo Terzo. Even if that day was the one that imposed the candidate who then lost at the ballot boxes. Today, the captain's political unpredictability is intertwined with concerns about the budget law.

Lost money

The last occasion was the story of the extra 80 euros on the next 13th. It was announced as a Renzi-style move to win the European elections and ended with it being postponed to the Council of Ministers due to poor coverage. In Scurati's case, there is another anger, but this time towards his own people. He phoned general manager Giampaolo Rossi and insightful director Paolo Corsini. He then wrote the post in which he tried to put an end to censorship regarding the writer's intervention on April 25. Moreover, she feels “persecuted” by journalists. Because of the leaks that are prepared every time to chase a mole. The atmosphere in Palazzo Chigi is that of a witch hunt. Or conspiracies, as happened at the time of the breakup with Andrea Giambruno.

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Ghost 2011

A year after her arrival at Shige Palace, she was concerned about the so-called provisional government's willingness to replace her. Another occasion for anger was the “trap” on the defence. At the time it was described as “a blessing from heaven”. Then also the specter of 2011 returned to the fore, that is, the fall of Silvio Berlusconi's last government under pressure from international institutions (European Central Bank message). He also raised intrigues regarding the history of the file in the investigation of Pascual Striano. Today she feels more and more lonely. Tomorrow it will become more difficult.

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