And about the possibility of extending the green corridor to Italy and committing to immunization, “Salvini must decide whether he is after Meloni or the country’s interestTo say it at the party is the daily truth Luigi Di Maio. On these matters, the Secretary of State explains, we must “listen to the scientific community,” if he says we need to extend the Green Corridor “we will.”

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“I will not make it a matter of political battles,” the minister continues. “It frightens me when these issues of protecting the health of a country” “become the prerogative of one political line or another.”

“We are working very well with the League’s ministers,” Di Maio then adds. When asked what advice he would like to give Prime Minister Draghi on the leader of the League, the Foreign Minister comments: “I appreciate the sentence he said at the press conference” or that “the government is going”.

“It is not easy to judge with Lita who does nothing but insult us They’re just waiting for us to come out, but instead we’ll stay inside, or else they’re doing all sorts of things between taxes and landings.”Tonight in Piazza Como for an initiative in favor of collecting signatures for the referendum on justice. Salvini concluded, “Between ius soli, Zan ddl, property tax, and various taxes, we will not give the satisfaction of Pd and 5Stelle to give up the government, and I will not leave Italy in the hands of these people.”

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