Overwatch 2: OWL 2022 will resume in April with an upgraded version of the game

Overwatch 2 is still awaited, by fans, but also by rival players. L ‘Overwatch League 2021 It’ll be over in a few weeks and some hallway noises suggested that a fileOWL 2022 Late next year, the start of the competition coincides with the launch of the second match.

The information was denied this week before John Spectorvice presidentObservation League in home Blizzard. confirms it NSOWL 2022 It will start next AprilMore information will be sent by then regarding the schedule, but one thing is for sure now, The competition will be good on Overwatch 2. How do ? okay reporter Liz Richardson spokesperson quotesowl pointing to This season will “begin with an in-development version of Overwatch 2”.

A simple sentence that unleashed the emotions of the fans, I actually imagined they finally got their hands on the game shortly after April 2022. Even if the development is going well, we should all remember thatMonitor 2 It will introduce new multiplayer maps, new hero And above all fashion player vs environment Unprecedented cooperative, which is undoubtedly the bulk of the work Blizzard. It’s imaginative to see the competition Observation League Resumption Monitor 2, but without new or new cards heroIt was added later in the season. However, this second part will change a lot of things for professional players, especially with 5 vs 5 matches. So the logic would make the developers focus on Overwatch 2 pro and then release the game without much delay to everyone after a few weeks. Anyway, the file Washington Justice They already have leather for the new design of Fatal, impressive above.

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whatever, Overwatch 2 won’t arrive until April 2022 soFans are now catching their fingers for the launch to continue next May, the sixth anniversary of the first installment. You can find a hooded jacket with the game logo on it €29.05 in Amazon.

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