A quarrel between reporter Cremonesi and collaborator Calvelli.  “Gaza Hospital? We did not see any deaths.”  “His sarcasm hurts me so much.”  On No7

A very difficult encounter Tajada (No. 7) Explain Mary CalvelliDirector of the Italian-Palestinian Cultural Exchange Center in you (From the name of the deceased Vittorio Arrigoni), and reporter Corriere della Sera Lorenzo Cremonesi About the bombing of the Arab Baptist Hospital Al-Ahly in Gaza City.

Cremonese, connected from AshkelonAn Israeli coastal city located north of the border with Gaza stripHe mentions what happened last October 16: “The Israelis immediately told us that… rocket It fell on the hospital in Gaza Palestinian. I have no doubt that it happened that way. It was a malfunctioning rocket launched by Hamas that fell on the hospital grounds, and moreover – he continues – causing much fewer casualties than Hamas reported. It was in the Palestinians’ interest to show the dead, and instead they did not do so, even if they did Journalists with cameras on siteSimply because There were not all these victims“.

The comment was bitter from Merry Calvelli, who among other things is also a collaborator with the Italian NGO Air conditioners (Society for Cooperation and Solidarity in Palestine): “What Mr. Cremonesi tells us hurts me a lot In this sarcastic way That there were no deaths because they didn’t let us see them. Just go to any website, Everywhere you can see the rows of victims of the massacre inside and outside the hospital in Gaza“.
“I’m talking about the hospital, ma’am – begins the journalist – and not about the other dead. Don’t talk nonsense“.
“Yes, I understand that you mean Al-Ahli Hospital,” Calveley replies, “the victims will not be 500, but 450?” But we do not say that they did not show us the dead.”
“No, ma’am, There will be 4 or 5 dead, and they are very few“Cremonesi answers.

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Vick’s director also questioned Corriere’s correspondent’s assertion that there were Palestinian journalists “with cameras” in the hottest areas of the conflict: “This is not true because The Israelis do not allow any journalist to enter International, coincidentally, there. Palestinian journalists who were in that area were killed. Instead I see that you are very calm To Ashkelon.”
Cremoni reacted angrily: “Look, 10 years ago you went in first and stayed for 10 days. She’s talking about Offensive nonsense“.
Calvelli asks not to be interrupted, but the journalist replies: “No, I won’t let her talk, because she’s talking.” It lies and it is ideological. So, I don’t listen to him.”

Then the aid worker mentions the last of the Palestinian journalists who were killed, Rushdi Al-Sarrajfounder of the news agency Ain MediaWho was martyred yesterday morning in his home as a result of an Israeli bombing. Al-Sarraj, known on social media, is the son of the mayor of Gaza Yahya Al-Sarrajbut above all he was an author Pictures that became famous and spread about the Israeli bombing of Gaza.
“there Too many Palestinian journalists killed – Calveley says – They are the ones who, like Rushdi Sarah, go to those areas to document and photograph what is happening. And for this exact reason The Israeli army targeted and killed Rushdi“.


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