Dua Lipa bets on Barbie and she joins the cast of the movie with Margot Robbie

This also explains why the British translator was asked to play a related role in the new movie about the doll Barbie who will shine Margot Robbie. However, his character characteristics were not disclosed in detail.

The music star will not only share the credits and some scenes with the Australian, but he will also be doing so with other great advocates such as: Ryan Gosling, Saoirse Ronan y Will Ferrell. He will lead them all Greta GerwigIt was nominated three times for Academy Awards.

Dua Lipa.

two It causes earthquakes in both music and movies. He left people fascinated by his work ArgyleEveryone talks about how good it is. She is thrilled that she is able to prove that she is more than just a pop star. He has a very exciting future in the world of acting,” according to a source close to him.

After many years of pre-production setbacks and resounding setbacks that halted or delayed production of the film, the first image of the film came out last April. Margot Robbie How do Barbiewhose film is set to be released in 2023, according to the technical sheet available on IMDb.

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