Future Trump, “With me is Liberty City and flying cars” – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, March 4 – New modern cities built from scratch, flying cars: These are some of the futuristic initiatives suggested by Donald Trump in a video released Friday for his presidential campaign. The goal is a “quantum leap,” a radical change in American living standards.

What might look like an episode of the 1960s cartoon The Jetsons, in which a fictional family flew around Orbit City, or simply a remake of Robert Zemeckis’ “Back to the Future,” is instead the visual scenario set out by a billionaire, which proposes a public tender for the design and construction of Up to 10 new “Freedom Cities” on federal land and investments to develop vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

The former president also proposes the creation of “artificial cells” driven by cutting imports from China and population growth fueled by “baby bonuses” to encourage potential parents to have children. It’s all part of a larger, nationwide beautification campaign, his team explains, that aims to inspire forward-thinking visions of America’s future.

Past generations of Americans have pursued big dreams and bold plans that once seemed completely impossible. They traversed an unstable continent and built new cities in the wild frontier. They transformed American life with a remarkable interstate highway system. They launched a vast network of satellites to orbit the Earth. But today – as he continues – our country has lost its courage. And under me, we will return it in a big way. ” (Handle).

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