Jean-Charles Valladont: “Hot, you’re coming out of failure (5-4 against Netherlands in the quarterfinals), There is a disappointment in your heart. But we did not finish our match (Includes individual and group events for men). If this is the last, if we go home, it will be hard to get. There we must react and not underestimate ourselves. We will use the rest of the errors. The advantage of knowing the stage is that it is already an advantage compared to those who do not mix, in very stressful and specific situations.

(About his teammate Lisa Barbell during the tournament) I shoot in the back because I shoot in second place, there is hand contact on the shoulder for confidence and relaxation, but that is also valid for me. It’s osmosis, it’s the magic of composition. It was an opportunity to be able to introduce it to the game. “

Lisa Barbell: “It played out in a very few things, it hurts a little in the heart. (5-3 win over Japanese pair). Since the flags are moving a lot, we have the idea that the wind is blowing, but in the middle all the time we are aiming and we did it. This mixed race is a great moment, I loved this day. “


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