Sami Bouajila: His rare confidence about his father, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease

Sami Bouajila captured in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche. An opportunity for him to talk about the illness his father had.

rare secrets. Sami Bouajila is an actor whose career began in 1991 with the feature film “La Thune” by Philip Galland. After that, he moved on to film and television roles and was rewarded several times for his talent. On March 11, viewers were able to discover the movie SonMehdi Bersawy, in which the actor played the title role. This allowed him to win the Cesar Award for Best Actor. In the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, Sami Bouajileh put some confidence in his family and especially his father, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. “My dad had Alzheimer’s already at an advanced stage, and it didn’t come back in fact, it really destabilized us.” capturing. This sad period of his personal life reflects that he will soon play on stage in the play. Prince. He said in the media columns:The text that I will do on my own in the theater also has this dimension: it tells of the memory of a son who merges with his father. We go from one to the other without really knowing who it is‘, he finished.

A legacy to be proud of. It is often personal experiences that allow actors to bring their characters to life. This was the case of Sami Bouajila, who will soon appear in the film promote Signed by Farid Bentoumi Coming out on August 11th. To put himself in the shoes of Solomon, a father and unionist who works in a chemical factory, the actor was inspired by his own life. In fact, it is the story of his father, who himself worked in a factory, which allowed him to become Solomon. “I imagined an old man, with a big heart, facing an old-fashioned president himself, as my parents might know in a less pessimistic age than today, in a working-class world where “man is overflowing”, The actor explained in columns Sunday newspaper. After that, he also referred to the director’s private life: “Like Fred, they had a very open culture: they had been in France since the fifties of the last century, they listened to Brill and Lenny Escudero, and made us discover cinema … “, capturing. proud of his origins and heritage, and claimed to be “I inherited more than a few letters on immigration,” Sami concluded with haste.

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Sami Bouajila: What does the actor think of his awards?

Sami Bouajila is an actor who won several awards for his performance. In fact, he remarkably won two Caesars. The first in 2008 to Best Supporting Actor in a witnesses. Second date 2021 for Son. Unforgettable rewards for the actor. “I appreciate its importance as far as the way it went, He trusts first in the Journal du Dimanche. In addition, this is his “Open the doors: inside me first because I feel reassured, but also in the job because I get more scenarios,” He is done.

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