Threats to the European elections and the Netherlands under attack: pro-Russian hackers announce new attacks

Less than 24 hours after the opening of the European Parliament elections, which took place today, June 6, and with the Dutch already preparing to go to the polls, the cyber threats begin and the climate of tension intensifies. Russian hacker group known as Without a name057(16) It announced targeted attacks on the Internet infrastructure in European countries, which cast a shadow over the electoral process. Between the lines of their Telegram channel, Noname launched a direct attack on the European Parliament, accusing it of being a “pseudo-democratic and deeply anti-Russian body”, which “deliberately ignored the genocide of the population of Donbass for eight years”. Then target anti-Russian sanctions, which they say make no sense. Finally, the threatening announcement: “We are coming!” Glory to Russia!

Attack in the Netherlands

But the Nonames are not alone in this mission. A coalition of hackers, including People's CyberArmy, HackNet and Cyberdragon, joined their campaign, intensifying cyberattacks across Europe. The first strikes were in the Netherlands, where the Ministry of Justice and the Amsterdam public transport company (GVB) were targeted, which sparked anger and anxiety among Dutch politicians. Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV), the Christian Democrats (CDA), and the populist Forum for Democracy (FvD) led by Thierry Baudet have suffered a series of DDoS attacks on their websites. HackNet, a group allegedly sympathetic to Russia, later claimed responsibility for these attacks on Telegram, raising questions about possible foreign interference in the democratic process. In fact, the possibility of more attacks in various European Union countries in recent days cannot be ruled out.

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