nintendo It’s preparing for the arrival of the new Switch with an OLED display with no further plans for new versions of its hybrid gaming console, as it said candidly in response to information Bloomberg shared about a model with 4K support in development.

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Staff from at least eleven video game companies work with game development groups. nintendo switch with 4k support, It is also shared by the above-mentioned media, indicating that the new devices will arrive at the end of next year at the earliest, which cite sources close to these plans.

The Japanese company issued a brief statement, via the social network Twitter, in which it said that the Bloomberg report “this is not true”, It even classifies it as a “false” when it claims that it provides tools to enhance game development for the Nintendo Switch with 4K support.

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In the statement, he also reiterated that he has no plans for any new model other than the Nintendo Switch. – OLED model, A copy is shown in July and will go on sale on October 8.

Bloomberg Story also listed Zynga as one of eleven development companies to have one of its 4K suites. However, following the publication and Nintendo’s statement, Zynga denied the existence of one of the groups, as the aforementioned medium was compiled in an update.

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The company reportedly delivered the kits ahead of the July announcement, when it revealed the OLED display version. The developers Bloomberg spoke with haven’t speculated about Nintendo’s launch plans for the new console, but they hope to release their mod games in the second half of 2022.

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